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Speech/Language Evaluations

Evaluation of speech sound production, receptive & expressive language, functional communication, and social/pragmatic language. 

Individual speech/language therapy

30, 45, or 60 minutes therapy sessions focusing on individualized goals for apraxia of speech, phonological disorders, articulation, functional communication, early langauge skills, vocabulary, grammar, syntax, reasoning, literacy, and social skills


Providing professional recommendations in various capacities related to areas of clinical expertise: autism spectrum disorders, childhood apraxia of speech, and augmentative and alternative communication

Community readiness groups

Coming soon! Small group sessions meet to learn and practice communication skills needed to participate in community activities.

Therapy Sessions
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My Approach

I believe it is most important to establish trust with my clients so a positive relationship can be formed. I do this by identifying their strengths and interests and utilizing them in therapy. I listen to my clients and their families and pair their input with my clinical expertise to set goals for communication. 

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About me

I am a licensed, certified Speech Language Pathologist that has been practicing for 12 years across a variety of settings: early intervention, schools, and outpatient clinics. In my graduate work I focused on learning to better serve individuals with complex communication needs and recieved specialized training in the area of Augmentative and Alternative Communication. My clinical background and continuing education has been focused on evaluation and treatment of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Childhood Apraxia of Speech and other speech sound disorders, and early/functional language development. 



How I can help?

Difficulty with speech and language skills have an impact on a person beyond communication. Children with speech/language delays or disorders are more likely to struggle with key components of literacy instruction. Communication impacts the ability to participate in an educational setting and build peer relationships. A speech language pathologist can help in more ways than you may think. Reach out for a free consultation. 

As of May 2022, we are in-netowrk with select commerical insurance plans through Geisinger and Highmark. Please feel free to contact us with questions related to insurance coverage. 

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